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  • Is it the color picking part that you are missing, that you'd like the layout of the colors in the box to be more like this: https://www.jqueryscript.net/images/Simple-HSV-RGB-Color-Picker-Plugin-For-jQuery-jColor-Picker.jpg or would you also want…
  • That's a good point, and not hard to change. I'll fix that. Sorry about not responding to your old post, I have been very busy in periods and must have missed it. It's very true that the palette system can be much improved, and you have some good i…
  • Which OS are you on and which tablet are you using? I don't know if it helps, but you could try enabling Touch mode in the settings window in Pyxel Edit. If you are on Windows I know there are some settings related to tablet input and Windows Ink t…
  • If you are on MacOS 10.13, please let me know if the copy paste issue workaround helps for you. Particularly if it doesn't help! The issue appears to happen consistently right after booting, when using copy and paste in PE without copying anything …
    in Release 0.4.7 Comment by Danik July 13
  • @BrendanToy Yes, I'm aware of the problem. It will be fixed in the next release!
    in Release 0.4.6 Comment by Danik July 12
  • That's a zero alpha color, which is why it doesn't draw anything. The question is how it ended up selecting that color though, that must be a bug. Do you use the right mouse button to switch between the pen and eraser, or what is your workflow usual…
  • Hmm, strange. I can't tell from the GIF, but is this inside an animation range? It will only do frame inserts inside animations. If you create a new small file, does it work there?
  • Now that I have a Mac to test on, I think I have isolated the problem. It seems that if one copies in Pyxel Edit after rebooting and without putting anything else on the pasteboard (text, images, ...) it fails. Simply copying anything else outside …
  • @Skripta Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the mute is not super useful. The idea was to temporarily hide a layer without messing up the hidden state, when you have a lot of layers. I'm considering just having the solo feature, and making it a push togg…
    in Release 0.4.6 Comment by Danik July 5
  • Hi there, that is because they are mapped to the same tile in the tileset. If you press Tab you can see the mappings. To unmap a tile, hold Ctrl or Cmd and Right click it with the tile placer tool.
  • It appears that .dmg files created from a folder in High Sierra use the new APFS file system, which make them unreadable on earlier versions of MacOS. I have updated the .dmg file so that it has HFS+ format, so if you try again it should work.
  • That's odd. The latest .dmg is created on High Sierra, but I don't think that would matter. What is the size of the downloaded file? Could you try downloading the one on your Humble page to see if that one works? They should be identical files.
  • Hi there, I'm not sure exactly what the problem is, but I suspect the file got corrupted so that the checksum validation failed. Did you download the file from Humble or Pyxeledit.com?
  • That's good! Then the issue will be fixed in the next release.
  • I have found a bug that causes this error when saving asynchronously if the canvas size is smaller than the document tile size. Do you know if that was the case for you? As a workaround either disable Asynchronous saving, or use Document > Resiz…
  • Hi there, If you go to Settings (the cog wheel on the right) and disable Asynchronous saving, does it work then?
  • Thanks for the report. I tried to reproduce it but couldn't get the error to appear. I created a new document with a tile size of 32x32, 15x10 tiles large, then used Resize canvas to change the size using some of the different anchors, and saved wit…
  • Thanks for the kind words! @Horst: I could make a 32 bit build without too much trouble if there is demand. It does still suffer from some of the memory limit problems the previous version had though, and background document saving is a bit unstabl…
    in Release 0.4.6 Comment by Danik June 18
  • Hi there, did you manage to download the application? You can also download it from the Humble order page, maybe that works better for you. If you keep having problems email me at support@pyxeledit.com and I'll provide you with an alternative downlo…
  • Hello, I see your order on Humble so you should have got an email from them, not sure why you haven't. Send me an email at support@pyxeledit.com and I will reply with your download link.
  • The release is delayed since I haven't been able to get a new code signing certificate yet. Hopefully next week.
  • Yes, the next release will fix the issue and will be out this week. Resizing the window a tiny bit resets the slowdown aswell. Sorry about that.
  • Yes that's weird. Glad it worked now though.
  • Trying out animated GIFs after updating the forum. Here's a flying squirrel I made for a Gameboy style game once.
  • Hi Mantis_Monk, it looks like the image didn't get attached. Could you use https://imgur.com/ or another hosting service to post it, or write the error message in text?
  • I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean. Could you show with an image?
    in Spacing Comment by Danik May 20