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This is a pretty low priority request, but I think it'd be beneficial to Pyxel Edit to have down the line: holding ctrl+alt and dragging to resize the brush. It's become a pretty standard feature.

Edit: Remembered that a lasso selection tool would be nice too. I think I saw it suggested somewhere else here but doesn't hurt mentioning again.

I'll just edit this thread into a list of features I'd request, since I started coming up with more after the first one. Might come up with more, will put them here if so.

Ctrl+Alt+drag shortcut for resizing the brush.
Lasso Selection tool.
Layer Folders
Ability to affect more than one layer at once (example: to move elements of an image after realizing it wasn't centered like you expected)


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    I liked the first suggestion and it was simple to do so it will be in the next version.
    Lasso selection and layer folders are possible future features.
    Moving contents of multiple layers could be complicated to implement with the current transformation system, unsure if it would be worth the effort.
    Thanks for the suggestions, you're welcome to add more!
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    New Suggestion: "combine" option when exporting animations. Being able to export all animations to one gif, or combine particular animations into one exported gif would be a nice addition.

    As for my suggestion to be able to move several layers at once. In say photoshop, this is done by selecting the layers you want to affect and then moving it using the move tool or ctrl+t transformation. The reason I'm suggesting it is because if you're working with a lot of layers (as I tend to do) then having to line up everything by hand when you need to just move something a bit, rather than moving everything in one go, results in a lot of time wasted on minutia. If layer folders were implemented I could see it being used this way. (A move tool could also be a possible suggestion. Would work like the offset tool, but not constrained by the tiles.)
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