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Hello guys!

So for a long time before discovering PyxelEdit I was using a simple pixel-art program that was created for RPGMaker users - IDraw3. While it lacked most of PyxelEdit's functionality, it had some features that I miss now.
Here's a list of what I find important and what PyxelEdit lacks on it's current state of development:
  • Rectangle and ellipse tools, both filled and hollow. Simply tools that allowed to draw those shapes.
  • Context menu on right-click while in selection mode with a variety of useful features.
  • Ability to flip selection both horizontally and vertically (in IDraw3 it was available right after using a selection tool, but in PyxelEdit this should be a part of transformation tool).
  • Ability to add (while holding shift) and subtract (while holding alt for example) pixels from current selection.
So I'd like to ask, is something like that in plans for future updates?


  • DanikDanik Posts: 777
    Yup, shape tools are planned.
    You should be able to add/subtract from selections by holding Shift/Alt. Not when transforming the selected pixels though.
    I'll give adding an RMB context menus a thought, thanks for the input!
  • You are welcome, Danik. Keep up the good work. =)
  • PajaroidePajaroide Posts: 28
    The ability to flip the selection both horizontally and vertically would be a huge workflow improvement for me. Most of my drawings (creatures) are symmetrical.
  • Aye! Also imagine if you were able to mirror-draw stuff.
  • PajaroidePajaroide Posts: 28
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    Mirror-drawing would be a dream come true! Pickle Editor already has it too. (but it's too expensive for me)
  • DanikDanik Posts: 777
    Yeah, symmetric drawing would be cool...
  • Eh? I dont anything thing pickle does that this doesnt? Pyxel edit can do more and is only in beta. (( In case some people forgot )) plus it is at the moment a great cost for beta and we dont have to pay for whenever Alpha is released and hopefully the full version. 
  • PajaroidePajaroide Posts: 28
    Agreed, it does everything Pickle does except for symmetric drawing (which I'm in love with)
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