Deselect with Esc key.

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Sorry if I post too much in this section >_< 

My request is being able to remove the selection box by pressing the Escape key.

The reason is that when I use the "Single Image Document" (which is basically a big tile) I always end up double clicking by accident (and selecting everything inside the tile) and have to zoom-out all the way and click outside the tile to be able to deselect(my canvas is kinda big 1000x1000px and my drawings are 24x24 so it takes a while). After the 100th time it's becoming a bit annoying =(

Thaaaank you!


  • I also was struggling with such problem. I agree it would be nice to deselect by pressing Esc,  but you can also use "ctrl + d" to deselect ("cmd + d" on Mac).
  • PajaroidePajaroide Posts: 28
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    Thanks for the tip Asmodannt ! It was driving me crazy :P 

    (by the way, if you see this Danik =) the double-clicking to select the tile seems kinda redundant because the "tile placer tool" is made for that, and it seems to trigger a lot by accident when moving your selection and  then clicking an empty space to deselect it.

    Also, when you double click a really big tile (1000x1000) the process is pretty lengthy and a slight 3 sec. hiccup occurs on my computer when I deselect it.

    Anyway Thanks again for being awesome and listening to the community =D )
  • SouriSouri Posts: 13
    "ctrl + d" to deselect (or "cmd + d" on Mac) to deslect is ingrained into my brain from Photoshop, so whatever is done, please don't remove that particular shortcut ;)
  • DanikDanik Posts: 835
    Yeah, Ctrl/Cmd+D does the trick. Possibly double clicking to select tiles should be disabled when there is only 1 tile in the canvas...
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