What isometric art support does pyxel have? Does it have a tiled mode for iso art?

I'm using Aseprite currently, and it has a tiled mode so you can draw a tile with copies of it around it in 3x3 grid so you see where it connects to those tiles.

The only problem is that I can't offset where the copied tiles start, so I can't use this feature for isometric art.

Does pyxel or some other software have this feature?


  • teraskasiteraskasi Posts: 3
    edited April 2019
    No it doesn't, but what I've been doing is using 64x32 tiles and drawing in my own iso grid. Combine this with clever use of layers for depth sorting and you can make it work. Only problem is managing your corners (which end up forming their own tiles). But for a mockup it's alright.
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