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I know this is a possible duplicate, just hoping that this will be added asap because I need it badly. 

Thanks for your efforts, great software!


  • DanikDanik Posts: 897
    It would be nice yes. Can you elaborate a bit on why you need it, is it for organization of many layers or to toggle visibility of multiple layers quickly?
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    Can't speak for Pheelbert, but Layer groups would be nice to see for the organization aspect. Though, I'm also finding that i'm not using layers nearly as much as I do when working in Photoshop. 
  • +1 for grouping
    Personally I would find it handy for organizational purposes, especially with bigger projects like map sprites.

    Since we are talking layers, locking would be really nice, so it's impossible to draw on the layer for totally different purpose. Ex. making room objects on wall layer.
  • GrofitGrofit Posts: 10
    I would find this handy for scenarios where I am designing armour sets based upon the body types, so I can group the body aspects (body, hair, underwear) then the armour types in their own folders.

    So +1 for this.
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    +111 for the layer groups and layer locking. i think it's a must on every kind of drawing app.

    layer grouping is very crucial when designing ui, map sprites and characters.
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    +1 for layer groups.
    Easier to hide, show, classify layers at any given time.
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    Playing with the layer stuff a bit more in my recent work, I agree with this. My main issue right now is being able to make a whole scene on different layers and then move the whole thing at once- I can't select multiple layers to move them together, so the folder grouping (I assume) would fix this issue.

  • +1 for layer grouping; it makes organizing a complex piece with lots of variations, with each variation on its own layer, a lot easier.
  • It would be nice yes. Can you elaborate a bit on why you need it, is it for organization of many layers or to toggle visibility of multiple layers quickly?
    Yes please! This is a big feature I miss from Photoshop.

    If this was implemented in Pyxel Edit, I'd use it to group similar layers (bg, terrain, foreground, etc). I'd also use it to quickly toggle visibility of multiple layers while I work.
  • dwingerdwinger Posts: 1
    I could really use this feature as well. I have a sprite separated into parts only to find out that I have to copy and paste each individual layer to a new tile in order to animate them in sections like I'm trying to do.
  • agge7agge7 Posts: 4
    This is really a must have in pyxel edit! I honestly think pyxel edit is so perfect but it's just missing this one feature! :)
  • I started using Pyxel recently and I find it practical and functional. The layer grouping feature is one of the features that will bring it even closer to perfect editor.
  • Please bring layer grouping to Pyxeledit. It is such an elementary thing for an image editor.

    Reason: It is for organization of many layers MAINLY, and to toggle visibility of multiple layers quickly.

    Hint: Make interaction inside Pyxeledit as "natural" to the users as Photoshop is - most of us know how to use PS. You know that you have done an FANTASTIC job (which you have so far with Pyxeledit <3!), when the user instantly knows how to use the interface, spending minimal time studying the interface or functions.
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    +1 For me also. Why grouping layers? I group my background threw to foreground. I group foliage, player, animals. I could go on, but I really don't want to sound grumpy. I love this software, I just miss some basic features I have in PS. I also would like to select 2 or 3 layers and cut and paste the selected area. Also a Move tool for selected. 

    I really love working in this software. It is my goto for quick ideas and when I want to animate, but I can't use it for big projects. It just gets cluttered. Thank you for your hard work. I hope to see group layers in future updates. ;) Yes I'm on a Mac :/ 

    Thank you,
  • So, I know this is an old thread, and I don't mean to necro but; I would like to +1 this layer-grouping request... It would be so nice to put all my layers in a group and collapse and/or hide the group, or move multiple layers at the same time by just moving the layer group.

    Basically; for some characters I do I like to put my body on one layer, left hand on another, right hand on another, head on another, hair on another layer, etc...etc.. this way in the game I can separate them out as separate objects. Did they equip a helmet? Hide their hair. Are they walking to the right? Draw left hand first. Are they walking to the left? Draw right hand first. Not only that but if I just want them to move their hands for example; I don't have to draw/copy-paste 3 new bodies, heads, etc for every frame of the animation... I can just move their hands and if I want to give them a fat or muscular body; I just swap out the body and the head/hands can stay the same.

    I also like to draw all my art for one project in the same file... This way it is easier for me to color coordinate and plan animations that interact with each other (such as riding animations)

    As you can imagine; I end up with a metric xxxx ton of layers. To say that sorting through them all is a hassle; would be an understatement and it would be nice to abstract groups of layers away (for instance; all the layers that create a horse) into a layer group.

    This isn't a knock against the product. It is a wonderful product and obviously; there is a good reason I use it over other tools but; layer groups would definitely make my life a lot easier.
  • +1 from me as well! I'm working on a map file right now, and there's a distinct lack of layer groups so the layers panel can stay usable.
  • Like i said on another threat for the same idea:
    This is an excellent request, and something that would really help out! And i would even like to add to this idea.

    Export 'Folders as separate files', just like how it can now do layers as separate files.

    Working on a project in which the player, their weapon, armor, helm, shield and other gear are separate files, i came to the issue that it's much easier to animate the player in layers (front- and back arms and legs, torso, head, tail, etc.), but this eliminates the option to export layers as files, because it'd also chop up the poor player sprite!
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    +1 Hello there! I'm working on two online courses about how to make pixel art for video games and I want to recommend Pyxel Edit as the best pixel art software for beginners and develop both courses using the latest version (0.4.8). BUT this feature is really useful and important IMO, and since most of the other software available on the market have already implemented it, I wanted to ask if you are working on this to let the future online students know that this feature is currently in the works.

    I would love to continue working with Pyxel Edit as I used it for Crossing Souls and I felt in love with its simplicity. Keep up the good work, Daniel!

  • In addition, tileset grouping would be amazing. I have a hard time finding the right tiles with 20-30 tiles. Imagine having hundreds.
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