Huion GT-191 considerable lag when pointing and dragging

Does anyone else have issues with pen tablets in pyxel edit?
I cannot drag like i would click and drag a mouse. Every thing I draw is by making dots.


  • So, It does work, it just seems to be a lot less smooth when you're going slower.
    I just made some big lines very fast and the reaction was better. but for drawing small details (a few pixels), my lines are invisible until the 3rd or 4th pixel is drawn.
  • Hi Laserbeak43

    It sounds like it could be a line smoothing problem, I've noticed this being reported from elsewhere too.
    Try to open your Huion tablet application and  check if you have "linear stabilizer/optimization" on.

    This mode increases (possibly doubles) the amount of tablet events that is being sent from the device and thus could potentially be the reason it lags.
  • Thanks for the reply!
    The Huion control panel has the option to enable Windows Ink. Once I disabled that, everything looked fine!
    Thanks for the suggestion!
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