Hotkeys stop working when enabling and disabling solo mode on layers

So, pretty self-explanatory. Just a heads-up (and hopefully I'm not repeating a known issue).

Tested in 4.8, Windows 10 with both my Wacom tablet and a Logitech mouse: if I initialize solo-mode on a layer, hot-keys stop working. I'm stuck on whatever tool I was using. I CAN click on the buttons though to get what I need and break out of it (hot-keys work again after this). So it's not totally breaking the experience, just a hiccup. Also works the other way. When I go off of solo mode, I can't use hot-keys and have to hit a tool button first before I am able to once more.

Anyway, as always wonderful program and just wanted to give a heads up just in case. Sorry if a repeat. 


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