Not tablet friendly?

PineapplefriendsPineapplefriends Posts: 1
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Attempting to draw small strokes (1 - 4 pixels) at a slow-regular drawing speed with a tablet almost always registers as a single touch. Makes for a difficult tablet workflow. Tablet works great with other programs, including other pixel editors like Aseprite, so just wondering how to fix it. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling the tablet driver, but still no luck. Everything else is great, however! 


  • DanikDanik Posts: 879
    Which OS are you on and which tablet are you using?

    I don't know if it helps, but you could try enabling Touch mode in the settings window in Pyxel Edit. If you are on Windows I know there are some settings related to tablet input and Windows Ink that you can try playing around with. It's unfortunate that there are these problems with tablets in PE. The application is built on Adobe AIR which doesn't provide any support, but it might be possible to do it with native extensions. I want to spend some time on this when I have a chance.
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