Technically not a bug, but. repeated?issue of being unable to bring Pyxel Edit window back up solved

So Idk how this ever happened in the first place really, but especially twice on two separate OS installs of Windows 10 (previous thread:

I have no recollection (and no reason) to resize Pyxel Edit into the smallest window possible and hide it behind the taskbar on my desktop. But it happened twice (again, on separate OS installs). 

So, me being a rather limited (apparently) in capability Windows user, I was entirely clueless as to what happened to Pyxel Edit after accidentally hitting the Restore button on the window in the top-right corner. I literally had no idea where it went and how to fix it ....why no amount of clicking on the icon in the taskbar, closing and reopening, or uninstalling and reinstalling would fix the issue. Yes, I am kicking myself for not having realized the simple solution much sooner, but still I'm confused as to why it ever happened in the first place (and why Windows so unhelpfully shows a blank thumbnail in such a situation. I mean, I get it in a sense, but it's not useful for the less advanced users at all and potentially gives a wrong impression). 

So yeah, the only thing that fixed it was hovering over the icon in the taskbar, then right-clicking on the blank window thumbnail, and using the maximize function in that particular context menu. 

Ultimately I'm just glad the frustration is over and I'm definitely relieved to be using the latest and greatest version again (I resorted to using the portable for a bit, which very much highlighted the improvements of this wonderful program since). But I have to wonder why the program is seemingly set up this way out of the box? And if it's not ...then how in the WORLD did this happen to me twice?? And wow, could it have not happened again at a more frustrating time. I literally made tremendously encouraging strides right before the confusion hit so hard (but thankfully, was able to fall back on the portable during).

Anyway, might be part of the experience that could be improved upon potentially, especially in the case of unaware users like I was (definitely not anymore! haha). 


  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    I'm not sure how that could happen, but a really simple fix would be to move the window if it's behind the taskbar/dock or not on screen when starting up, so I will do that. Thanks for letting me know about the issue!
  • PGLMOPGLMO Posts: 10
    Thanks Danik, you're amazing and so is your program. And like I said in my other post, I even bought another program but imo, aside from a single feature (mayyybee two), it doesn't have anything on Pyxel Edit. At all. PE is flat-out superior. I just couldn't make the switch. PE's interface is clean, uncluttered, efficient, and a joy to use.

    Also wanted to add that interestingly, the subwindows, or workspace partitions scale when resizing windows, but lose that entirely upon full window collapse resize, which is a mild annoyance, but I expect that you're going to set it to default to something else, so it wouldn't come up anyway in the future (unless one intentionally forces it).

    Thanks again. Can't rave enough about your product and hope my own will one day give yours more of the attention and business that it very much deserves. Cheers!
  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Thanks for the encouraging words PGLMO, I appreciate it!
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