How bad is my work?


  • Nice work
  • megaoymegaoy Posts: 6
    still better than mines
  • better than mine too. for sure 
  • CloverdeerCloverdeer Posts: 2
    edited April 2018
    It's good! However depending on the rest of your game if you want your character to pop out more from the background, I would try to focus on making your color palettes with more variety
    here's a challenge: take a color palette from this set and create something using only that particular color palette that you picked.

    with this it should help you develop your skills with colors even more
  • Thanks
  • It looks like you ripped off sprites from scott pilgrim vs the world the game but you did so poorly because some pixels are bigger than others because it wasn'T scaled at an integer, and then you did a pretty poor job at editing it, the parts you added have pixel sizes all over the place   
  • SvenTSvenT Posts: 9
    lol, caught red handed. Plagiarism should never be respected. Nice catch eleanorawesome.

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