"Swapping multiple shades of color at once" tool

Hi! I tried searching the forum but didn't found similar article in Feature requests.

It would be awesome to have tool that would be able to swap multiple shades of one color for multiple shades of another color. 

Example: I have character with blond hair. And I need to create dark hair for the same character. Now I have to replace and edit colors one by one. Would be nice to have tool that would swap these colors all at once.


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    Hi Tesak 

    Pyxel does have a feature to replace multiple colors, although it's still experimental and requires a bunch of things to be done beforehand.

    Take a look at my reply here:
    and here:

    What you need to do is:
    1. Make sure the colors you want to replace are in your palette and remember the order.
    2. goto color->export palette to image
    3. open a new document and goto color->"import from image"
    4. Modify the corresponding palette color and save the document.
    5. go back to your original document
    6. goto Extras->"Swap color palette" and select your palette document.
  • TesakTesak Posts: 2
    Hi Candy.

    Thanks for your reply and info! :)

    It looks bit complicated but I will give it a try. Still faster then re-painting just to change color .. 
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