Buffer/gaps between tiles

Is there a way to display the tiles with a buffer?  This would be nice to have in both the canvas and in the tiles menu window.
It may exist and I just have not found it yet.

As a side note to this has anyone released a template for the classic 48 tiles set with all edges?


  • I'm not sure if my initial post was clear so here's a sloppy image.

    When trying to find the correct tile it can be hard because all of the edges mush into one.
    If we could adjust gaps between them this would make the hunt a little easier.
    If I'm missing something let me know.  Is there an easy way to find the tile I'm looking for in a mess like the blocks below?

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    There is no way to set the gap between each tile, however you can enable "show tile indices" that should make it easier to see what tile you're looking at.  Go to: View->"Show tile indices"
  • Maybe you can find a better way to organize the tiles, so that similar tiles join? The Tiles window could sure use some improvements though, such as the possibility to leave empty spaces between tiles to be able to organize them more freely.

    Here is a nice post with some different tile templates you might find useful: https://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=40985.0
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