Release 0.4.5

Hey everyone! There is now a small new release available that fixes some common issues. Bigger new features have to wait a bit longer, but it was such a long time since the last release that I want to get this out now.

  • Made Ctrl/Cmd+Delete fill selection with foreground color and Alt+Delete fill with background color.
  • Made Shift+arrow keys bump selection 10 px (number of pixels can be changed in the settings).
  • Fixed crash when making frame edit viewport size < 1.
  • Fixed tile indices checkbox not updating in View menu.
  • Fixed crash on trying to open multiple system file browse dialogs at once.
  • Fixed crash when pressing Ctrl+V when no open document.
  • Better error handling when importing animated GIFs.
  • Fixed bug in the BMP exporter that caused a red pixel in the bottom left of the exported image.
  • Fixed crash on trying to import palette with no document open.
  • Thicker indicator for current animation frame.
  • Thinner divider for animation panel to save some screen space.
  • Fixed crash when immediately placing a tile after changing the tile size of the document.
  • Fixed undo for selection nudge.
  • Improved memory performance when resizing panels.
  • Added default hotkey for color replacer tool.
  • Fixed COLOR_REPLACE_TOOL_ACTION not having any effect when used as a hotkey.
  • More detailed error messages when running in release runtime.
In other news, a new beta for a 64 bit AIR runtime for Windows was released by Adobe, and it appears to have fixed the memory limit issues of the previous one! An experimental 64 bit build is available from the license page.


  • Great to see that this program is still in development!
  • SimonSimon Posts: 58
    Thanks for the update. /o/

    I tested the experimental 64bit version a bit and have some bad news:
    On my Win 10 system it degenerates in performance after a few minutes so it gets unusable. 
    The courser is lagging behind the pen and everthing is slow as hell.
    the 32bit version is doing perfect fine on the same system and files.
  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 565
    Woo! \o/
    I too will say thank you for keep updating ╭( ・ㅂ・)و
  • keep up the good work! 
  • DanikDanik Posts: 659
    Thanks guys.

    @Simon, aww, I really need to find the core reason for that slowdown issue.
  • SimonSimon Posts: 58
    @Danik If I can help, drop me a mail and I'm happy to test/track down the issue if possible :)
  • DanikDanik Posts: 659
    @Simon Thanks, I will!
  • TheMnk Posts: 27
    Thanks for this :)
  • inkBotinkBot Posts: 46
    edited November 29
    I'm grabbing the new build and that 64-bit beta immediately and will see how it works on my end.

    @Simon I assume that by cursor you mean the brush representation, not the actual "cursor"?

    I can confirm that it starts degenerating on my machine as well. I opened up one of my large animation files and poked around a bit. Eventually the brush lag was very noticeable (the regular build has it lag behind a bit too, but there are likely more than one factor for why that is). I had the task manager open and kept an eye on the memory for the program. It climbed rather quickly. The regular build also climbs at a steady rate until it hits some sort of cap that I can never be 100% sure how big it is, but it'll eventually start going back and fort by about 5-10MB. Currently the same file I used to test the 64 bit build is sitting at 752MB memory in the 32 bit build. When I was testing the 64 bit build it was approaching 900-1000MB in memory size, and probably would have kept going until I stopped it. Not 100% sure it's an actual leak, but it's worth looking into.
  • gaffen Posts: 2
    I'm so glad to see updates to this program; it's may favourite pixel art tool. Thanks so much!
  • DanikDanik Posts: 659
    edited November 30
    @inkBot, yeah it appears to be a memory leak, but since it also causes a slowdown I suspect it's more complicated than that. Also it started happening with the AIR19 runtime and seems to happen in all later releases.

    The slowdown can be provoked pretty easily by opening the color chooser and pressing and moving the mouse in the color box for a while, so that's a clue. It also happens when moving the mouse in the canvas for a while. Both of these actions cause a lot of text field updates, so I suspect it has something to do with that.
    Resizing the window a bit resets the slowdown and releases the memory. :S
  • Haplo Posts: 7
    Great news! I´m glad the red pixel in bmp export has been fixed :)
  • inkBotinkBot Posts: 46
    @Danik True. Even with the memory leak, I should still be able to use the program without slowdown, because 1000MB isn't even getting close to maxing out my memory. But outside of memory use, didn't really know what to look for. Sounds like it's an issue with AIR, rather than Pyxel itself. Maybe reach out to the AIR devs for help, bug reporting? As they say, beta is beta.

    The fact that a 64 bit build actually exists and works (even if it's got issues atm) is very exciting.
  • Venogear Posts: 1
    I'm glad that the updates continue to come out.
    I would like to see more possibilities for drawing up a palette, that possibility is good, but it can be developed well :)
    Something like this for pixel artirst:

    1.png 190.3K
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