Pyxel crashed programmatically con copy or paste on mac

70% of times that I use pyxel on mac, when I copy (cmd + C) or paste (cmd + V) it doesnt repond and It freeze for a long time
Pls fix it, couse I can't work with this bug

Thank you :smile: 


  • Arjay Posts: 2
    I'm having the same issue after "upgrading" to 10.13.1 High Sierra. I cannot copy & paste at all. Paste will crash the program. I've also submitted a bug report via Pyxel Edit. Thanks!
  • DanikDanik Posts: 659
    Hmm, sounds like an OS X update broke the copy paste. I only have an old Mac Mini that I haven't upgraded, but I will try to investigate.
    Does anyone else have this issue with High Sierra? Or anyone that runs High Sierra but doesn't have the issue?
  • Arjay Posts: 2
    I shut down my mac and tried again. Wouldn't you know, everything seems to be working fine again. I have not gotten the crash or error again in Pyxel Edit, but I will upload any error logs if it happens again. Thanks!
  • Crash still in PyxelEdit 0.4.5... with High Sierra 10.13.1 on MacBook Pro 2017

  • i have same problem with copy and paste in Mac Os High Sierra 10.13.2, please i need a solution
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