Is there any way to rotoscope a higher-rez image onto a lower-rez canvas? I would really like to take an image that's more detailed and use that to help make a more accurate depiction of character and smoother transitions in my animations. Can that be done?

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    Hi MettleKnight, as i said in the other thread: 
    sure you can open any high resolution image in PE and scale it down, create a new layer on top of it and trace around it, whether you can manage to scale it down to 64 pixels and make it look good is up to your skills i would say, as you would have to convey lots of information into far less pixels. 

    There is no feature that will create an outline of your artwork similar to how rotoscoping works, you would have to trace around it manually by drawing.
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    K im new but, this is my novice fix, download gimp or anything with a fuzzy select, i dont own pyxel yet so idk if it a has a fuzzy, but anyway scale the image down to 64x64 first, then save it seperate, and open in gimp or whatever, use the fuzzy select, then you can use an  effect to add a outline to it or trace the selection to the best of your ability. also just tracing on a new layer will work just fine like candy face said. having fuzzy select helps me because my eyes are getting messed up staring at computers all day.
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    For rotoscopy uses Paint of persia.
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