Good ol' Grey Screen

davianblackdavianblack Posts: 4
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Getting the grey screen on startup issue again.

In the past I'd just delete the PyxelEdit folder in AppData but this time it isn't helping. The issue began after the power went down (PyxelEdit was open). After restaring my computer, the issue started.

I've tried reinstalling and also tried using the portable version. (Windows 7). I've also tried downgrading my AIR version. 

Any other tips?


  • Go to the config directory and look for a folder named "Logs". If the folder exist and there's a file that has been generated recently, post it's content here. When you've done that, try to clean the PyxelEdit folder again and run the application as administrator. 
  • No log folder. The only folder that gets created is "#airversion". Also, running as administrator doesn't make a difference either.
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