Multiple Monitor Support

SMPixel89SMPixel89 Posts: 1
edited September 2016 in Feature requests
Not sure if this has been requested or if it already exists, but I would like to see Multiple Monitor Support. Would be useful to be able to detach the Preview,Tiles,Layers, Animations,etc panels and organize them the way you want on the other Monitor.



  • ...and/or having native fullscreen-mode in OS-X. =)
  • TheMnkTheMnk Posts: 35
  • This is a feature i would also love to see. Stretching the pyxel edit window across my 3 monitors kind of blinds me from everything else happening on my computer, so being able to detach windows and place them seperately from the rest would make my life a lot easier hehe :blush: 
  • Just +1ing this request.  Additionally, being able to drag sub-windows (palettes, layers, navigator etc) outside of the primary window would be a good band-aid to start with.
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