come on man. its the bare necessities :/

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i Have few requests that i feel are part of the bare necessities for a pixel art program and why i feel their needed

1. a curved line tool- i mean seriously. even MS paint has it :/

2. a select multiple/ all layers tool- i mean seriously. i have like 10 layers going on, you expect me to paste each one individually?

3. a fill-esque erase tool - erasing each pixel individually is SO annoying

4. laptop-friendly variable brush and eraser sizes- laptops dont have a num pad and im using the touch pad... thing.

5. basic shapes making tool (I.E. circle, square, pentagon, ect.) ever draw a circle larger than 10x10 without having to reference a pic? once again, just to streamline this thing

I really love this program. i thing its great. But why be great when you can be AMAZING! you can make this the photo-shop of pixel art. You just need the bare necessities, and let people know how to use them.

Thanks for the great program, and heres to making it even better. Cheers


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    Hi demonlight

    1. This has been requested a lot, and I too want this but whether Danik will implement it soon is unknown..
    2. Not sure I understand this correctly, you can make a selection around all the things you want copied, then use Edit->"Copy merged". This will copy from all your layers. If that's not what you want, then please clarify a bit more.
    3. This feature exist.. however it doesn't seem to actually work -.-' if you hover over the bucket tool it should say something like "Hold x to fill with transparency" which essentially sounds like erasing.
    4. You can increase and decrease brush size using ctrl +  + and ctrl + - on your keyboard. There was a more intuitive way using the mouse too, but that function is bugged currently and doesn't work... Alternatively you can modify the key bindings yourself.
    5. Danik have stated that this will come soon. 

  • 1. good to hear. REALLY need it
    2. i mean a single button that i can then use to sellect all layers on a tile at once without merging them
    3. it needs a better way to work. Maybe by color picking the nothing blocks in the backround and using the paint bucket. Something not difficult or requires hotkeys
    4 that seems like alot of work. im a LAZY man. maybe just using 2 non used letters without having to use control
    5. How soon is soon?

    p.s. Dose Danik actually ever read/ reply to these threads?
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    3. How is choosing the bucket tool, and holding down a hotkey difficult to fill with transparency?
    4. Again, you can modify the keybindings to do that. Currently you zoom in and out on + and - but that can be customized.
    Here's an example, say you want to change brush size using < and >, open keybindings.json located here:
           Windows: C:/Users/[username]/AppData/Roaming/PyxelEdit/Local Store/Settings/ or similar.
            You can enter %appdata% as the path in windows explorer to find the Roaming folder quickly.

            Mac: /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/PyxelEdit/Local Store/Settings/ or similar.
    and paste this:

        "action": "increase_brush_size_action",
        "keyString": "<"
        "action": "decrease_brush_size_action",
        "keyString": ">"

    Save the file, open PyxelEdit and try to use the new shortcuts. Look at the readme file located in the same folder, to understand which actions you can bind to.

    Yes Danik does read threads and reply too, he's quite busy with work though, but when/if he has the time, he often reply.
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