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Howdy all! Being primarily a programmer, my game art has always been quite atrocious, but I've recently started to teach myself pixel art. And ever since I got Pyxel Edit I felt like my pixeling skills got a boost ^^ I just wanted to share some of the stuff I made, if you have some comments/guidance/criticism and so on it would be greatly appreciated!

Minion from Despicable Me


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  • The 12th doctor is really uncanny with the resemblance (: 
  • Tnx ^^
  • From a fellow programmer, who's also trying to do more with pixel art, very nicely done.

    Any advice on what helped you get as far as you have?
  • Thanks ^^

    Well, I've always been OK at drawing on paper. And I have quite a bit of knowledge about shading and stuff from working with computer graphics, so that helps a lot. For the minion for example, I just began with a simple geometric shape, and started adding stuff to it, like circular eyes etc, always keeping the shapes simple. It looks ugly to begin with but hopefully it gets better :P As for shading, just try to keep in mind where the light source is, and use the shading part of pyxel edits awesome color picker ^^ There's an awesome channel on youtube called solar lune, he helped a lot for me in the beginning :)
  • Oh, and also copying stuff, sprites from other games etc helps :)
  • This animation explains the process quite nicely: :)
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    Achebit is another great youtube channel btw :)
  • Achebit is another great youtube channel btw :)
    Achebit is an awesome YouTube channel, just wish he would post more :)

    I also keep hearing about starting by copying other people's designs, and definitely need to start working on that aspect.

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