Chrome reports PyxelEditWin as harmful for my computer ... (?)

8R908R90 Posts: 1
Chrome has a problem with the pyxel zip file and wont let me open it.
When I want more information Chrome sends me to this information page.

I tried to search for an answer on the forum but couldn't find anything so I thought I'd bring it up ...


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 623
    edited May 2015
    Hi 8R90

    That is odd... I haven't had that problem with chrome myself, fortunately if you follow these instructions below, then you should be able to recover the file and extract it.

    1. Download the file and let Chrome "block" it. If you are directed to a "site ahead contains harmful programs" page, click "details" then "visit the site".

    2. After chrome displays the warning message in the download bar, click "show all downloads", or choose "downloads" from the menu, or press "ctrl+j" (on Windows at least).

    3. The file will be in the download list. Click "recover malicious file". Then it will get that file

  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Yes, this seems to be happening for me too when I download the windows version from Humble using Chrome. It doesn't complain for the portable or air version from the license page on though, so it must be the installer included in the Humble version that it reacts to.
    I tried downloading another application distributed as a zip file from Humble and it complained for that one too, so it's not unique to Pyxel Edit, but pretty annoying.
  • vedioboyvedioboy Posts: 30
    You could try temporarily remove protection in Chrome. Like Danik said, its not just a problem with PE, its a problem with HumbleBundle in general. For some reason Google thinks it should be on the blacklist. Anyway, remove the protection like this: Menu->Settings->Show Advanced Settings->Under "Privacy", uncheck the box "Enable phishing and malware protection."   That's it! Turn it back on after you are done downloading though.
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