Layer blend mode doesn't seem to get saved

I just noticed this. Not sure if there's a bug report around this already that I missed.

Basically, I have two layers: A lower one with the actual sprite, plus a layer on top of that with the blend mode set to "Overlay". Basically, it's just a giant white circle that I'm using in the overlay layer to produce a light effect. The problem is that if I save the file, close it and then reopen it, the layer blend mode has reset itself to "Normal" again and I have to manually change it.

Has anyone else seen this? Is it reproducible?

RELATED: I also noticed that when I'm doing a "Copy merged" (ctrl+shift+c) from this layer, the resulting paste does not contain the correct overlay, but rather what the layer would look like with normal blend mode. Let me know if you want me to upload any screens etc.

// Eric


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