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I don't know if its just me, but i can't find a way to simply mirror any of my images that i paste within this program (i have to use mspaint to mirror, then erase the opaque from mspaint)

if there isn't any mirroring, that would be one of my suggestions ^^


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    Currently I know of two ways to flip an image in Pyxel Edit. The first one is by using the tile placer. When you have a tile selected you press X to flip it horizontally and Y to flip it vertically. If you want to flip an image larger than the tiles (or if you only have one tile in your document), you're going to have to use several tiles or a new layer.

    The other is this. When you have made a selection, press Ctrl+T (or go Selection>Transform Selection) and then resize it on just one axis and pull it to the other side. This will flip the image, but getting a perfect flip will be near impossible.

    It's a good feature to have though, so I'd second your suggestion.
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    Yeah, there is no perfect way to do this yet, but the plan is to have it in a right click context menu when transforming.
  • That right click context menu option would make me so happy :D
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    Adding to this, being able to flip the canvas quickly back and forth would be helpful for drawing in general.
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    I could swear I flipped a sprite with transform, then duplicated that transformed sprite and got the mirrored sprite.
  • I need this urgently in my life =( haha
  • I think when we can do it from other way why it is need as an individual option, instead of this maybe something else new thing can be added. :)
  • I think a mirror button in the tool bar would be great. I'm imagining mirroring functionality something like this:
    When the user presses the mirror button he can than choose to mirror on the X or Y axis. By default the mirror line is at the center of the sprite but it should be possible to grab it and move it, thus allowing to have mirroring in different parts of the sprite. When I draw something it is automatically mirrored on the other side of the mirroring line. Also a mirror horizontally or vertically button of the whole sprite should be available, similar with other drawing tools like Photoshop, Gimp.
    This is something that should definitely be available as a minimum.
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    Sounds good indeed Heretique.
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    I too really really really need this feature ! That would be so great :D
  • Just wanted to chime in: I'd love to see this feature. It would be nice to see the % of the scale transform in the info box as well.
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    The % scale of the transform tool was available in previous versions... it actually helped me with some kind of mirroring, I don't know why it was removed.
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