Gif Blacks Colors out.

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When exporting an animation as a gif I had a color error today for the first time. I have way less than 256 colors as you can see. The first one is a gif with the error. At first the inner of the eggplant got blacked out, then I changed that color and now the knife and some of the eggplant get black.
The second gif got made with the exported singles. As you can see it works. If I made a mistake would be nice to learn it better, but if you could fix this or add some options in the gif export to fix it I would be very very happy and thankful!

Thanks for this program!

(couldnt get GIFs to work here)


  • DanikDanik Posts: 870
    Hi Sphere,
    That's very odd. Thanks for reporting the problem. I tried importing the correct GIF and exporting it again from PE, but couldn't reproduce it. Could you send me the source file so I can use it to debug the issue?
    I also noticed some artifact pixels in the second GIF. Were they added in the conversion step from singles to GIF, or by PE?
  • SphereSphere Posts: 2
    Hey Danik,

    I think the artifacts were introduced by the external software. I can send you the pyxel file.

  • DanikDanik Posts: 870
    Thanks for the file! It will help a lot in finding the problem.
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