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It might be too much to ask for, but I would love an option to create a pixel outline in the selected tile(s) that delineates the drawing, something like this: 
There's an option like that in the GameMaker editor, pretty useful and saves a lot of hassle. I can do something similar in realtime using drop shadows on photoshop =) anyway! Pyxel Edit rules!


  • Interesting idea, thanks. To me it doesn't seem like something you would do often enough to give it it's own tool though. But if a lot of people would find this useful let me know.
  • This actually looks like something I would use. It would be useful for certain things, like if I wanted to see if I wanted an outline or not, I could switch between it pretty quickly without having to draw around it a bunch.
  • Yeah Sho, I use it exactly as you described. It's a fundamental part of my pixel workflow. =)
  • I second that too, actually that's a very useful function. like the Stroke layerFX on photoshop.
  • I too would use and appreciate this feature. Seems like it'd be a relatively trivial algorithm to implement, but a huge time saver.
  • Really wish this was a feature.
  • I would love this so much - I waste so much time outlining elements in my art.
    There should also be an option to select the thickness of the out line - how many pixels and also are those pixels connected on the edges or not.
    (eg if the out line is:
  • While it would be neat with some image processing operation to do it, it can be done relatively easy, using this technique:

    What i'm doing:
    * Use magic wand to select select transparency
    * selection->inverse selection
    * make duplicate of character layer
    * use fill or brush tool with large brush to fill selection with black
    * copy bottom layer (the black outline) to your clipboard
    * paste your selection onto canvas and use offset tool or transformation tool to position.
  • is this going to be worked on? Other indie pixelart editors have it and I would love to be able to do that in Pyxel Edit.
  • Totally agreed, we should definitely have this. Pyxel is all about having those tools that make doing pixel art just that bit easier and this would definitely be one of those tools.
  • This would be an awesome feature. I also outline my stuff often.  :) +1
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    I think that it is better with black line than without it! From what game this character?
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