Auto palette population

Hi! I really dig Pyxel! I think a feature it could use though is some kind of auto palette, basically it will add a swatch for every color used in the image. Could be really handy.


  • I want it too. I don't know how.
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    Hi unboogyman

    This is possible already, if you go to Color->Import from image, then all the colors from the image will be added to your palette ;)
  • The problem with Color->Import from image is you have to use a saved file, I was thinking a palette that updates as you add colors - if you use a color, it's automatically added to the palette. Marmoset Hexels has this feature well implemented as an example.
  • Ahh like that, yes that could indeed be quite useful. 
  • One more vote for this, please--while Import from image is handy, an option to Generate from current document would be even handier.
  • Yep, would be nice to see this feature
  • Yes please. Also importing from gpl (gimp palette) files. Check out Piskel for inspiration. It does this nicely.
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