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Hi everyone
    Since few day I've bought the pack "Game Dev Software" on Humble Bundle.  After purchase I've received a Keycode for Pyxel Software.
       But when I put the KeyCode on the soft after Install, Pyxel wouldn't validate it. 

 Which type of Instructions must I do for achieved this authentication ?

Thanks for your Help


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 548
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    Hi GameControll69

    Did you follow the instructions found in the FAQ thread?
    My key doesn't work!
    The activation key should look like this (including the first and last line):
    Some name
    If the key you are using looks like this:
    then you need to use it on this page to get the activation key:
    Download and activation guide when buying using the Humble Widget:
    Pyxel Edit activation guide

  • Ok, thanks.

       I follow the instructions on the FAQ linked with Humble Bundle and it help me to resolve this problem.
     Last time I can't read it. Maybe it's because an internet problem.  That's why I was blocked.

        Thanks for Help.
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