Support for non standard RGB color systems

The ones I'm specifically thinking about are ARGB1555, ARGB4444 and RGB565:

ARGB1555 has a 1 bit alpha (binary opaque/transparent) and 5 bits per channel (32 levels per channel so 32768 colors total)
ARGB4444 has 4 bits per channel including alpha, so 4096 colors and 16 alpha levels.
ARGB565 has 32 levels per channel and 64 levels for the green channel (the one humans perceive the most)

The reason I'm asking because those all have more than 256 tones so using fixed palettes is not really an ideal option and no art package out there supports those color schemes, which means that the artist has to either constantly check if the RGB colors he is using will fit, or suffer visual degradations during the conversion to those formats.


  • I may be mistaken, but I think Cosmigo ProMotion has support for these, but that program is tad bit expensive.
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    I couldn't say, most softwares support custom palettes but are usually in RGB:16.7M colors. How difficult would it be to allow the user to reduce the number of bits to allocate to each color channel?
  • Any chance for this feature request to be accepted?
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