Invalid Key right after purchase

Hello I just purchased Pyxel Edit and it states that my key is invalid. I made sure it is the correct key. Not sure where to post this. Can anyone help me please?


  • Hi Muplet

    Did you follow the activation guide posted in the FAQ thread?
    How do I activate my Pyxel Edit license?
    Pyxel Edit activation guide
    On the Humble download page for Pyxel Edit there is a link named "Click here for your Pyxel Edit key" that let's you claim the license and access your activation key. Copy all the contents of the activation key box (including the "BEGIN" and "END" lines), and paste it into Pyxel Edit when it asks for it.
    There has been a problem in some versions where pasting doesn't work, in that case select the key text on the page and click and drag it from the browser into the license box, or paste using right-click and choosing Paste.
  • Fixed now. That was my problem, I didn't stop to read the extra step to get the larger and correct key. Lesson learned, thank you.
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