Cannot update Pyxel Edit.


Im trying to update Pyxel after about a year or so and I go to Help - Check for Updates - and the box pops up to do so but above the check for updates button it says: You have a version not yet released :0

Is there any fix for this?



  • GodmodeGodmode Posts: 2
    edited December 2016

    By the way, it says my version is 0.3.108.


  • Hi Godmode

    You have to update the application manually. Use the link you received when you bought PyxelEdit to get to your license page. There you can download the latest version available :)
    If you don't have the link anymore, you can resend it to your email using one of these links:
    I lost the link to my download page, how can I get it back?
    Use this page to resend your Humble order mail:
    If you bought Pyxel Edit previously using only PayPal you can use this page to request it again:
    If none of the options above work please send an email to

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