Copy & Paste from PS is anti-aliased

Before, I used to be able to copy and paste from Photoshop and it would be an exact copy, but now it appears to be anti-aliasing the pixels. I've been out of country, so I'm not sure which version changed this.


  • Hi Ericloth

    I can't seem to replicate this issue. Are you using the latest version, 0.4.3?
    Can you please show an example of when you experience this problem and how to replicate it.

  • So, the first one in in Photoshop CC 2015.5. I put a blue background on a different layer so it could be seen better. I simply did a marque and cmd+C. Then I went into PyxelEdit 0.4.3 and did a cmd-V. It adds aliasing to the edges. This destroys anything that I do color alterations to in Photoshop. I typically use PE for animation and PS for easy color/value-adjustments. Any way to fix this? It didn't used to do it. I'm not sure which update changed it as I did a bunch of updates at once. Thanks!
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    Hmm that's odd, I still can't seem to reproduce this problem. PyxelEdit uses Nearest Neighbour interpolation, so it shouldn't be able to produce aliasing like you've shown. Have you tried changing the image interpolation in Photoshop to Nearest Neighbour? You can do that in Preferences.

    You could also try to download one of the older versions of PE and test again to see if it only affects the latest version, then we can at least make sure it's not Photoshop. I used CS5 but it shouldn't really change much.

    Anyone with CC version that can reproduce this?

    Also, are you using Mac or Windows?
  • I'm on a mac. Will try to look over it some and get back to you when I get some free time. Thanks for the fast responses!
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