Faster dithering technique

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I came up with this technique yesterday using the tile system. It makes dithering faster and could possibly be used for other things too.

You can see it in action below:

What you need to do to achieve the same:
1. Create document
 - Set tile width and height: 2
 - number of tiles to any amount you want to work with, I use 30x30 above. 
2. Create a new layer and call it: patterns.
3. Enable tile grid so you can see where the tiles split, and draw 2 pixels diagonally like i've done.
4. Select the "tile placer tool" and right-click on your pattern
5. Start painting on top of your sprite and voila... dithering :wink: 

1. Color changing is not straight forward. What you have to do is to use the pixel brush and repaint the pattern you've made, then copy that using the same technique. 
2. Placement is (obviously) dependant on the tiles position and not on pixels, this can in various situations make it a a bit tedious and may require post adjustments.


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