Save image in indexed mode

I bought Pyxel because i thought it handled indexed palettes better than photoshop, so i was really disappointed to see that it couldn't. At all. Not even saving the palette.


As far as i can understand from various forum posts, indexed mode will never be implemented. So i wish that at least saving to an image format that supports indexed mode could honour the palette somehow, instead of just saving to a 24 bit file.

I use my pixel graphics for various stuff on old consoles, where it is essential that i am able to manage the palette and where transparency amongst other things is sometimes reliant on a certain index in the palette. It is therefore the feature that i bought Pyxel for, and quite sad to see that i can't use it after all.



  • FlashFlash Posts: 3
    I am in exactly the same boat. I had previously been using Photoshop and wanted to move to something more suited to pixel work, and have now discovered that it is not.
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