Weird Pen Behaviour

I've been working on a font and split up each letter into tiles, just to make it easier to distinguish the distance between each letter for use in Gamemaker.

Anyway, I drew all the letters and such, saved it, exported perfectly fine. But had to make some adjustments because the distance between each word was quite big in-game.

So I go back into PyxelEdit and change the size of the tiles by dropping 2 pixels off the width and check the center tiles box because I don't want to lose any of my letters. Now I notice I can't draw exactly where the mouse is. It draws like a few pixels away from where I am clicking.

I thought I might have accidentally set the scatter option on, but I hadn't. I tried creating a new document with the same dimensions and tile numbers. Same problem. Thought I would open an older document, still same problem.

It doesn't matter if I click with a 1 pixel pen or try and draw a line. The lines don't connect and becomes distorted.

Another little problem that was arising was my work wasn't saving either. I would change the tile size, save it via shortkeys and even going through the File>Save. I would load it back up and it's as if it hadn't even saved at all.

I did sort it out by closing PyxelEdit and opening it up again. My work had saved and my pen went back to normal.

Even though I found a workaround, I wanted to report in case it's something people might come across and something that could be fixed in the future.
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