Right-Click causing tools to not work

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After the recent update, I notice there was a little bug that occurred with the right click. When I'm using a tool and right click while using the left button, (example: drawing and using the right click cancel to immediately erase a brush stroke) the other tools become inactive and I can't choose them. Once I click on the canvas the issue goes away, however this can become troublesome as I use right click cancel as I draw, and can't choose tools immediately and have to click on the canvas to execute an action in order to fix this. 

GIF of issue:

I just recently bought this a few days ago being the best $9 I've ever spent and was happy with the update, but right-click cancel is what sold me on this entirely, so seeing that having an issue is troublesome. Hoping this can be addressed quickly, otherwise some people will find drawing a bit tedious if they use this method.


  • DanikDanik Posts: 870
    Thanks for the report, this is now fixed in the latest update.
  • Thanks for the fast response! Downloaded right away, thank you very much!
    Keep it up with this Wonderful program.
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