Pyxel Edit Not Responding When Playback Window is Left Open

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- Make an animation
- Open Playback window (as a separate window)
- Maximize
- Make the animation loop
- Go on a lunch break
- Come back to your desk and cry

So this has happened to me on two occasions, the first time it happened I lost some progress on my work because I hadn't saved in awhile, the second time I had saved but I decided I wanted to test it out. Sure enough when I got back from dinner it wasn't responding anymore. I'm not sure if the animation has to be looping or not or if the playback window has to be maximized/in a separate window. 

Being that this only happens after some length of time has passed I assume some variable is getting too large or some counter isn't being reset. If an overflow were to happen to make a number go negative that would definitely cause a crash in most applications. Either that or it's a stack overflow. 

I would advise people to close the window if they are going on a break. Save early and save often people.


  • DanikDanik Posts: 870
    Thanks for the report. Definitely sounds like a memory leak, I'll check.
  • DanikDanik Posts: 870
    I've optimized the animation playback to avoid any memory allocations, but the problem is still sort of there, just not as bad. You can try the new release 0.4.1 to see if that helps.
    My profiler tells me the memory used is AIR player internal (no normal as3 objects that I have control over).
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