Cursor flickering

Hey guys, 

New user here, absolutely love this program for pixel animation, well done on such an excellent tool. 

However I have an issue. 

When i am using the pencil tool, it doesnt seem to know what cursor it should use and takes to flickering between the cross hair and the standard mouse pointer, this coupled with the pixel underneath makes this is the most distracting thing i've come across in the program, I would personally love to have the option between turning the cursor off and just showing the pixel and possibly the crosshair. If this was fixed then it would make work much more enjoyable. 

Using a cintiq tablet on Mac.

Thanks you and keep up the good work. 


  • Okay, I found the issue,

    For some reason you cant have Pyxel and Photoshop opened at the same time as Photoshop messes with the cursor for reasons im not aware of. Not sure if you guys can block the cursor interference or not?  
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    hi vinhill104

    Ehh well that's odd.. never experienced that before myself, which version of Photoshop are you using ? I've had no problems wth Pyxel and Photoshop CS5 running at the same time.

    Have you tried experimenting? for example let's say that you have PyxelEdit open, then you open Photoshop, does it start flickering at this point? try reverse the launch sequence, and see if it still happens. Btw. does it happen with your regular mouse too, or is it only with your cintiq?
  • From what I have gathered its an Adobe problem when it comes to duel monitors so I wouldnt worry about it. Apparently the issue has been around for years so hopefully Adobe get on it and fix it. Its happening with both my pen and mouse when it does happen. 

    Im using Photoshop CC. It might something to do with how much RAM CC is taking up if I have too large of a file open or something. It is really odd, no fault of Pyxel though so I wouldnt worry about it. 

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