Real-Time Symmetry/One-Time-Click Mirror

Many pixel-art character sprites are symmetrical. A real-time drawing symmetry or one-time click to mirror image is a useful function and will speed up workflow drastically considering one wouldn't have to copy/flip/move every certain number of edits(or try to make edits symmetrically manually)). Thanks, PyxelEdit is awesome. I use it rather than Photoshop because of the real-time animation function and tile based system.


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    Hi roman

    It is already possible to draw symmetry in realtime using tiles. Take a look at the gif I made in this thread:

    arbitrary symmetry would be nice however.
  • clever workaround, thanks! 
  • I would love if I worked like asprite; where you can move the mirror off center. This feature is my main concern atm, the 'solution' as is is really cumbersome and seems hack'ish.
  • The other crucial thing not present in the workaround is the ability to easily toggle mirroring on and off. Sometimes you want to draw asymmetric details here and there.

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    Please add this! 
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    I would love this as well! Please consider adding :)
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