Bug when resizing the amount of tiles on a large tile size canvas

I have a large tile size (640x350) with 8x6 tiles, and when i attempt to add more to the height as i need more tiles when animating, it crops the width and cuts of tiles, then when i try to save it an error report pops up. Is anyone else having this error? and is there anyway past this?


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
    Hi Finch

    A few questions:
    How did you manage to make your canvas 640x350? that's a pretty arbitrary canvas size when using 8x6, plus it created inconsistent result. I can't seem to make a canvas of that size, the closest I can get is 640x348, else you get a row of tiles in the bottom which are 2 pixels tall and 80 wide. Even given such size however I can't seem to make PE crash, are you able to replicate this consistently?
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