Color picker pickes opaque color, but not the original

TaukaTauka Posts: 5
When working with layers, if you set opacity of layer to a certain value(lower than 255), all your colors gets more opaque(obviously), and if you try to pick a color within a layer, you'll pick tinted color(not the original). Thus, when you try to draw at that layer with tinted color, it gets even more opaque, as software recognizes this color as original, and makes it more opaque due to layer settings.

1) Create layer(later on referred as current layer)
2) Set its opacity to value lower than 255(100-150 to get distinguishable effect)
3) Draw something with any color at current layer
4) Select Color Picker
5) Pick a color
6) Draw with that color at current layer
7) Notice, how it draws with different color, even though you've just selected a color with Color Picker

To pick original color you have to set opacity back to 255, then pick a color.

Thank you
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