New User, possible easy improvements

rizomarizoma Posts: 6
edited March 2016 in Feature requests

Hi I bought Pyxel Edit today, and I'm really happy about it.

I'm a old Photoshop user since (98), so I would like to point out some possible improvements hopefully easy to implement, don't know if other people will agree or not! :)

The most importat is this one:

I found really annoing that if I'm in transform mode and I change layer the selected pixel are moved to the other layer. I don't know if this is a feature for other people but  I would prefer at least if I could select an option somewhere to prent pixels to swap layer like that. (I would like to confirm the transformation with right mouse click if possible, or any key on the left side of the keyboard)

Less important:

draw erase flag to operate on all layers

Sure other people asket for key bindings, what I can say for sure is that using my right hand for the mouse I would prefer to avoid the right side of the key since it's annoing to leave the qwerty side for press enter or comma period for frames.Another thing is that the pencil cursor seems a bit generic to me, so somethimes I get a bit confused about what tool I'm using.

Would be cool if one could bind eraser tool to the middle mouse key.

Anyway the software is really good.



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