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Hey all! this is a first time post, I recently purchased the program and have been playing around with it. Still getting used to the interface and am happy to see that its being supported not only by Mr. Kvrafordt but a cool community here on the forums. Anyways I have finished my first little trail sprite animation of a robot.... 

I would love some feedback on it if anyone is willing. I am mainly looking for feedback on the animation its self but if anyone has any tips on achieving a cleaner animation in Pyxel Edit please please let me know :) 

Also whats the best way to upload a .gif into a forum? I'm not the most tech literate...


  • Hi Devon

    The attach file/upload button has not been working for a long time, so when you want to show something, upload it to a third party host and use the image icon in the editor, then paste in the .gif url and it should work.

    About your animation, I find it pretty cool already, but if you want to make it even more interesting, then you should look into sub pixel animation. This website explains the technique really well!
    It can really made a difference if used correctly. That alone should help you getting towards a cleaner looking animation. 

    Also.. not to push you somewhere else but if you want more advice, from a bigger and more active community with focus on this, then check out
    There are some really cool guys in there too, and lots of really awesome guides to get better. 

    I hope you found my rambling somewhat useful :P

  • Of course!  I love the feedback. I notice you a ton on these forums and have looked into links like Pixeljoint and others that you have posted so thank you for the info; not just here but for your support of this community elsewhere! 

    I'll look into this sub pixel magic and hopefully make something today! 

    As for the gifs I tried to do what you mentioned with this one using gfycat but it didn't want to pop for some reason, more trial and error I suppose :)

    Until Next time CandyFace, Cheers!
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    The default link you get from gfycat is mp4, which might be the reason why is doesn't work. To get the gif link, you have click on the gif icon, then copy the link which ends with ".gif".
    I'm happy that you found my feedback useful :)

    Looking forward to see your progress ;)
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