File will not open

Was working on a tileset, saved as just a .pyxel and turned my computer off, went out to get some stuff and when i came back, the file
would not open. I guess it's some kind of bug because other .pyxel files open fine.

To be more specfic, when i click on the file, the 'open' window closes and returns me to the pyxel edit gui with no document open and no
title on the top.

Really annoying because i have this .pyxel file which wont open and I really want to just convert it to a .png just to see if anything survived
but i have literally no idea how.


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
    edited March 2016
    Hi dany

    The .pyxel format is just a container, so you should be able to rename the extension to .zip and then extract whatever is inside. If we assume that the file didn't corrupt somewhere in the save process, then you should be see your layers as pngs.
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