Really minor silly thing

But a bug anyway I guess...If you lower a layers opacity (Lowest it works is 5) and then use the erase tool on a layer directly beneath it, the Faded layer becomes fully opaque until you release the mouse button.

Completely ruined my workflow and has made this program so unusable I'm going to have to cancel Fez 2. :P


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    NOOoooooo don't cancel Fez 2 :3 :host: ahem.. i mean...

    Hi Dao

    I can't seem to reproduce this?
    I've created two layers and made a sprite on each, then decreased the opacity on the upper layer to around 150. When i start erasing on the bottom layer the opacity doesn't change according to how you say it should while the mouse button is down, i get the expected result. Am i doing something wrong? 

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    What up facey, he said with over familiarity. Ty for the respondy

    Dis what happens. Is ghosts? am getting a spook.
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    Damn.. that looks weird. It only seems to affect the tile you are working on, while the other tiles stays the same. It annoys me though that i'm still not able to reproduce it, even after seeing the video. I'm suspecting that something else might be triggering this behaviour. Which version of Adobe AIR do you have installed?

    I'm assuming that you're using the latest published version of Pyxel Edit, would you mind participating in the the pre-released beta testing and try the newest version available? It has a lot things fixed and a few features.
    You can read more about participating in the beta here: Prerelease beta testing
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    Um,, according to the popup I ignore daily asking me to update. I read on hear that the update was causing some issues though.

    As for the beta, I'm usually so alpha and awesome, but I will test out this beta.

    Why don't girls like me, I'm so nice....too beta? too beta!
  • Ah okay, yeah there should indeed be some problems with version 19 and 20 related to performance getting worse over time. It would probably be the best to stay on version 18 for now, although if you feel like experimenting, you could update and just revert back if you experience slowdown.

    Heh :3 well let me know if the problem persists in the beta.
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