Doesn't start on mac: keychain

When I try to run it on mac I see dialog notifying that PE wants to use my keychain, attempts to click on "allow" or "always allow" buttons don't do anything. When I click on Deny - app proceeds to start but shows no UI.

Is there any way to fix it?

Quick anger burst not directed at anyone and probably better be ignored: who in this day and age writes apps based on adobe air, seriously? 


  • Hi deadarius

    You wouldn't have the application called "Magicprefs" installed, would you? I've experienced this problem myself, it started when i updated to OS X El Capitan and it seems to be directed towards some applications, namely the one i stated, that prevents keychain dialogs from being accepted. If you have it installed, please try to close it and try again, if not then perhaps you may have another software which triggers the same behaviour.
  • It was indeed Magicprefs. Thank you very much, no more issues towards PE :D
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