Program Lag after a few minutes of use

On OSX(10.9.5) The last few times I've used pyxeledit(0.3.109, and 0.3.108) it works smoothly for about five minutes and then starts lagging a bunch.  It seems like maybe it happened after the last couple adobe air updates, but I haven't been using it consistently enough to be sure.

If I close and restart, everything is fine for another few minutes until it become almost unusable again. 


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    Yeah, I have had a number of reports of this issue. Rendering of some interface elements seems to leak memory, in particular text labels that change often. The status text labels change for every mouse position in the canvas, so by hiding the status panel (moving it down out of screen) the lag gets slowed down.

    A very strange thing that seems to work though is to resize the application window slightly. For some reason this seems to trigger the garbage collector and the lag disappears. I know this is not a great solution but at least it makes the application useable.

    This started happening in Air and as far as I'm can tell this is indeed a problem in Air. If that is true, it should be possible to boil down the problem to a simple test case and then file a bug report with Adobe to have the issue resolved.
  • Thanks for the info. That's a better fix than nothing for now, and saves having to reopen all my documents at least :p
  • Same thing was happening to me and i was afraid I would have to abandon pyxel edit for good, it was unworkable

    BUT if you uninstall adobe air and install an older version ( i used 14) it fixes the problem completely

    hope this helps!
  • I also discovered the lag problem after some time of use. But I also discovered that by clicking on the Play/Pause-Button of the playback-frame twice also eliminates that lag, regardless of having an animation to play or not. Might be a more comfortable option than resizing the window every now and then. :)

    Hope this helps.
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