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I'm new to pixel art although I have drawn since I was little kid. Please, give me tips and good suggestions. I look forward to make my figures to move too!

I'm starting to develop a game just for hobby. If somebody has questions for C# or Unity, I'm glad answering best I can.

The first my own picture:
Cpt. Purr



  • If you want to see me streaming animation or other stuff, check: my twitch

    Now I'm making running animation.
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    Running Version 0.35

    If somebody could tell me how to put gif to forums like my cpt.Purr above. I would be greatful.

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    ^Take your link above, click the image icon in the editor, paste in the link and you should see the animation in the window ;)

    Looks pretty smooth btw.

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    Version 0.40
    Any tips for: How many colors should I use?

    btw. you need to remove 'v' from the end of the link that it works in imgur.
    Edit: THANKS!
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    it looks like your link goes to "", leave it at "

    okay, so it's probably the gifv which the forum software doesn't like. Try to upload your gif on, that's where i upload my animated gifs. After you've successfully uploaded your gif, click the chain icon to the right, then you'll get a link to the gif which you can use on the forum.

    Ahh.. sure remove the v.. bah :3, glad you got it working though ^^
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    Version 0.45
    We have some shading!

    Took about 2-3h to shade it.
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    What do you like my idle animation?
    pro and cons


    The nose looks like pink eye even if I changed it to yellow, it would look like funny. Dunno what to do.
  • Your animations looks quite nice. The reason your nose looks like the right eye is probably because you have positioned as such, you should place it below the eyes. Looking at a cat, dog or human you'll see that the nose is below the eyes. It is always a good idea to look at reference images, if you find yourself stuck with something. Btw. while you are very welcome to post updates and request feedback here, you would probably gain more from forums such as and

    I can also recommend you to look at this thread, which has a lot of cool guides and tips for almost anything in pixelart.

  • The newest animation (not finished yet)!
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