wacom button switches tile grid off and on; accept transformation not possible when switching tool

Hi, and thanx for pyxeledit, a great program for pixelart. I've come to like it more than PS for pixelart because it's really more suited for it : ) I would like to report some bugs:

1) I set up 2 buttons on my wacom intuos pro with the keys: CMD and one with CMD&ALT. With this I can move around and copy selections without having to switch to my keypad, which is great. However, whenever I press the button the tile grid is switched off and on again the next time I press it. I don't know why, since the keyconfig for "show tile grid" is "CTRL G", which is different to what I programmed my wacom to...

2) This one is a minor issue: When I've selected sth. and I'm already transforming it and moving it around I can't accept the new position/shape with the enter key, like usually possible, if I switch i.e. to the brush or some other tool before pressing enter. I find that a little irritating because the enter key isn't used for anything else than accepting a transformation anyway, as far as I know.

3) The program crashes quite often. I use OSX Yosemite, maybe that's the cause?

Thanx a lot for looking into it : )
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