[0.3.108] "Tile 0" hovering text persists and partially blocks canvas on close zoom

I created a new file and found that "Tile 0" floating UI text gets stuck to the image canvas on Tile 0. When zoomed out, the UI text doesn't cover any of the drawing area, but when zoomed in can cover a few pixels.

This is a bug that hasn't occurred before, and so far has appeared on just one .pyxel file.

Repro steps:
1. Create new file with default settings.
2. Zoom in and observe "Tile 0" UI text.
3. Zoom in farther and observe "Tile 0" UI occlude a few pixels on drawing canvas.
4. Save/close/reopen file and observe that "Tile 0" remains and won't go away.


  • DanikDanik Posts: 870
    Thanks for the report. Does the text get stuck even when you switch to the tile tool and move the mouse around a bit?
  • JimzipJimzip Posts: 2
    Sorry to revive this thread, but yes it stays even when you switch tools. :smile: It doesn't matter what tool you're on, the little "Tile 0" tag stays floating above the canvas. It swaps if you click on eg. the Playback panel. Then it covers the playback preview. If you then click on the canvas again, it goes there.
  • JimzipJimzip Posts: 2
    Ah, I see this was fixed in the 4.3 update. :smile: Never mind then. Thanks team!

    Jimzip :D
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