Unable to export tileset


So as said in the title I'm now unable to export tilesets :/
It exports me an empty image with 512 by 64 dimensions no matter the tilesets dimensions are...

What's going on ?


  • WegPastWegPast Posts: 59
    Nobody ?
  • DanikDanik Posts: 884
    Hmm, that's not good. Does it happen only with one document or even if you make a new one? What are your tile dimensions, number of tiles, and tileset width?
  • WegPastWegPast Posts: 59
    It happen with every documents... I'm doing some tests, and I'll be back with more informations soon.
  • WegPastWegPast Posts: 59

    When I make a 32x32 tile (a canvas of one) it exports me an empty image of 512x64
    If I make a 64x64 one, it exports me a..... *drums* .... 1024x128 Yeay \o/
  • WegPastWegPast Posts: 59
    Err... ok, I think I understood...
    I mixed up the shortkeys (in my mind) and was suppressing tiles from canvas instead... so there were no tiles in the tiles panel tiles... And I didn't look at it until now x)
    But still, PyxelEdit was exporting an empty wide image instead of an empty one matching a base tile dimensions :p
    May a dialog box warning us of empty tileset could be cool, isn't it ? :D
  • vedioboyvedioboy Posts: 30
    You need to select the tiles and put them in your tiles panel first, then export. It's probably getting confused since there are no tiles in the tiles panel and that's why you are getting weird results.
  • WegPastWegPast Posts: 59
    That's what I just said, :)
    Yes it's getting confused about that. My mistake, anyway...
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